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Free Car Removal

A large number of individuals in Perth have taken advantage of Cash for Cars Perth’s services. From Free Car Removal to Cash for Cars, we offer you the best services in this part of the country. If by chance, you are searching for someone who can provide you free car removal in Perth, look no further. Cash for Cars Perth will give you a car removal you are searching for in the most ideal way, entirely free of cost.

Call us today at 0403 417 465 for more information about our Free Car Removal Services. Join many happy clients from all over Perth in their car removal and car selling experience.

Cash for Cars Perth is your neighborhood car removal company, promising to offer you best money for your car. Based, built up and working for a long time in Perth, we ensure we know how to meet your requests. To address one of our staff members, call us. You can likewise get a free quote for your scrap car by giving our staff some details of your vehicle. This can come in handy if you are looking to sell the car that you are trying to get a free car removal for.

Have your unwanted car removed for free, whatever the condition of it may be. As an added bonus you get to make a quick buck off of it, depending on the condition of the car you want to be removed.

Why Cash for Cars Perth Do It For Free?

Well, because we want to! Removing damaged, unwanted or obsolete vehicles and putting them to use makes a positive impact on the environment. And we want to contribute to making Perth a better place to live in.

We offer to pick up your vehicle anywhere Perth and adjoining areas, including Joondalup, Welshpool, Mandura, Far North Western Australia, Peel and South West.


Vehicles that are useless to you are useful to us.

Cash for Cars Perth has a state of the art recycling yard. We try to put all vehicles to use by recycling them for the metal. We try to maximize the recycling efficiency which helps us do two things: pay you more, and contribute to the environment’s well-being.

Vehicles left in junk yards, parked away in an empty lot or a far-off site can be a potential harm to the environment. Many fluids leak and there are parts in a vehicle that are not entirely biodegradable. This makes recycling a perfect solution for unwanted vehicles. And for the sake of recycling them, we provide our FREE CAR REMOVAL services in various areas.

What You Get

At Cash for Cars Perth, we only hire the best. So you are guaranteed a 100% satisfaction level when you work with us. The staff under our roof consists of professionals from all over the country, and we work together to give you the best services.

Here are some of the highlights you get at Cash for Cars Perth:

  1. Professional staff trained to co-operate with you and make the process easy for you. Our drivers and our Customer Services Department is friendly and will comply with you as much as possible.
  2. You can get your unwanted car removed at any time, regardless of if you are with the vehicle or not. We can adjust the pick-up timing and location according to your demands. We will take care of the rest.
  3. You don’t have a pay a single penny! Yes, that’s right. Our Car Removal Services are completely free of charge. It sounds too good to be true, but we even pay you the worth of the vehicle you want removed. The amount we offer depends upon the condition but it can go up to $12,000!
Cash for Cars

Getting a free car removal has never been easier. Just call us for more information or you can get in touch with us through our website Cash For Car Perth.